Siren and Strobe Alarm

Submitted By Larry C.

Manufacturer: -Other (Specify in Notes)
Model #: ZM1601US-5

Compatible with Axial

This device is made by Vision. To include press the small switch thru cutout on the back of the unit for about 2 seconds. Leave the device type set as "standardswitch" and change name. After inclusion press the include switch again for about 2 seconds and do an auto-configure. After unit auto-configures correctly press include switch again for about 2 seconds and press the "associate" button. Make sure the usb controller is selected.

For parameters there are two:
Parameter 1: (type of output) Set to 0 for both siren and strobe. Set to 1 for siren only. Set to 2 for strobe only.
Parameter 2: (output on time) Set to 0 for 30 seconds. Set to 1 for 60 seconds. Set to 2 for 120 seconds. Set to 3 for continuous.


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