Device Library

This is a list of devices known to work with Axial. Because of the huge number of z-wave devices, it is possible that your particular device is not listed. If you've found a device that works but isn't listed here, please add it to help the community.

Device Name Model # Manufacturer Works with Axial
2-in-1 Multi Sensor ZSE09 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
3-Way Dimmer Switch 3031 GE Yes
4-in-1 Multi Sensor ZSE40 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
4-in-1 Multi Sensor DSB05-ZW Aeon Labs Yes
4-in-1 Multi Sensor PST02-1A Philio Yes
7-Button Scene Controller (Enerwave) ZWN-SC7 Enerwave Yes
Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS Smart Energy Switch DSC06106-ZWUS Aeon Labs Yes
Aeon Labs Keyfob keyfob Aeon Labs Yes
Appliance Module 45603 (ZW4101) GE Yes
Back Yard DSK 55187 Evolve Yes
Basement Light Wemo Switch Belkin Yes
BeNext Tag Reader 80820701 BeNext Yes
BR30 BR30 Philips Yes
Bulbz LB60Z-1 Linear Yes
Bulbz LB60Z-1 Linear Yes
Ceiling Fan 49 44 GE Yes
CentraLite 4256050-ZHAC -Other (Specify in Notes)
Compact Motion Sensor HSP02 Everspring Yes
CT100 Thermostat CT100 2Gig Yes
CT80 Thermostat CT80 2Gig Yes
Deadbolt Lock FE599 Schlage Yes
Deadbolt Lock BE469NX CAM 619 Schlage Yes
DHS Multi-Sensor DHS-ZW-SNMT-01 -Other (Specify in Notes)
DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer DHS-ZW-DMIW-01 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Double Switch DHS-ZW-SWIW-01 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Single Switch DHS-ZW-SWIW-03 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Dimmer Switch 14294 GE Yes
Door / Window Sensor WADWAZ-1 Linear Yes
Door / Window Sensor Monoprice 10795 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Door 1 450191 Evolve Yes
Door Window Sensor 7 ZWA008-C Aeon Labs Yes
Door/Window Sensor DW-ZWAVE2 Ecolink Yes
Door/Window Sensor DSB04100 Aeon Labs Yes
Door/Window Sensor DWZWAVE1 Ecolink Yes
Door/Window Sensor FGK-101 - 107 FGK-101 - 107 Fibaro Yes
Door/Window Sensor G2 DSB29-ZWUS Aeon Labs Yes
Doorbell Gen 5 ZW056-A Aeon Labs Yes
Doorlock YRD220ZW605 2Gig Yes
Duplex In-Wall Power Receptacle 45605 GE Yes
Duplex Receptacle 45605 Jasco (GE) Yes
Ecolink PIR Motion Detector PIRZWAVE2-ECO Ecolink Yes
Evolve Relay LFM20 Evolve Yes
EZ motion 3in 1 Home seer Sensative Yes
FGFS - 101 Flood Sensor FGFS - 101 Fibaro
FGS-221 FGS221- 2 * 1.5KW Fibaro Yes
Fibaro Double Relay Switch 2 * 1.5 KW FGS-223 Evolve
Fibaro FGS 224 FGS 224 Fibaro Yes
Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 Fibaro Yes
Fibaro Smoke Sensor v2 FGSD-002 Fibaro Yes
Fire TV Stick 4K IMG GE8300 Evolve Yes
First Alert/CO2 Alarm zcombo First Alert Yes
Flood Sensor FGFS-101 ZW5 Fibaro Yes
Front Lock BE468 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Frostdale 2411 -Other (Specify in Notes)
Garage Door Opener (Linear/Iris) GZ00Z Linear Yes
Garage Door Tilt Sensor Tilt Sensor Ecolink Yes
GE 45606 2-Way Dimmer Switch 45606 GE Yes
GE Link Zigbee Bulbs GE Link/Quirky/Wink GE Yes
GE On/Off Light Switch 45609 GE Yes
GE Z Wave toggle 12727 GE Yes
GoControl Irrigation Controller WI15VZ-1 Linear Yes
GoControl Thermostat GC-TBZ48 Linear Yes
Home Dimmer Module RP200 Schlage Yes
Home Energy Meter Gen 5 ZW095 Aeon Labs Yes
Home Energy Monitor DSB28 Aeon Labs Yes
Home Manageables Appliance Module HM-AM001 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
hue a19 Evolve
Hue Bloom 259945 Philips Yes
IHome control Sp6 E476405 Evolve Yes
In Wall Switch 45609 Jasco (GE) Yes
Incipio incontrol wireless smart outlet Cmndkt-004-wht Evolve Yes
Indoor Siren ZW080-A17 Aeon Labs Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Screw-In Module HA05C HomeSettings Yes
Intermatic CA3750 CA3750 -Other (Specify in Notes)
Intermatic HA-02 Appliance Module HA-02 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Intermatic HA-03WD Lamp Module HA-03WD -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Intermatic Lamp Module HA03 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Intermatic Outdoor Appliance Module HA04 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
InTouch CA600 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Isolated Contact Fixture Module FS20Z-1 Linear Yes
itach flex GLOBAL CACHE -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Kwikset Deadbolt All Z-Wave Kwikset Yes
Kwikset SmartCode 916 Kwikset Yes
Kwikset SmartCode 910 910 Kwikset Yes
Lamp Dimmer Module RP200 / 45602 / ZDP100 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
LDM-15 dimming plug-inModule LDM-15 Evolve Yes
LDM-15 dimming plug-inModule LDM-15 Evolve Yes
Leak Sensor HSZ-LS100+ Evolve Yes
LeakZ WL00Z-1 Linear Yes
LED Bulb ZW098-A52 Aeon Labs Yes
Led smart bulb Ze26i Evolve Yes
Leviton VRF01-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch - 1.5A VRF01-1LZ Leviton Yes
Leviton VRI06-1LX Multilevel Scene Switch VRI06-1LX Leviton Yes
Leviton wss10-odg wss10-odg Leviton Yes
LinearLinc Bulbz LB60Z-1 Linear Yes
Market lights Zw3005 2Gig Yes
Micro Dimmer DSC27103 Aeon Labs Yes
Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2 DSC19103-ZWUS Aeon Labs Yes
Micro Smart Energy Switch G2 DSC18103-ZWUS Aeon Labs Yes
Mimolite Mimolite FortrezZ Yes
Mini Keypad RFID WT-IRFID Zipato Yes
Minimote DSA03202W-ZWAU Aeon Labs Yes
Minimote DSA3202W- ZWUS V1 Aeon Labs Yes
Motion Sensor HSM100 Homeseer Yes
Motion Sensor RS200HC Schlage Yes
MultiSensor 6 ZW100 Aeon Labs Yes
Multisensor 6 Gen5 ZW100-A Aeon Labs Yes
MultiSensor Gen5 ZW074 Aeon Labs Yes
myQ myQ -Other (Specify in Notes)
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Nest Yes
Nest Protect Protect Nest Yes
Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm 2nd Generation Nest Yes
Nest Thermostat Thermostat Nest Yes
new one Outdoor Z-Wave Plud Dual Outlet ZW97M Evolve
nortek HUSBZB-1 Evolve
Nortek Nubz / Quickstick combo husbz Evolve Yes
Philips Hue A19 Bulb A19 Philips Yes
Philips Hue Bulb BR30 Philips Yes
Philips hue bulb Hue Evolve Yes
Philips Hue LED Light Strip 173860378 Evolve Yes
Philips Hue LED Light Strip 259507 Philips Yes
PIR Motion Sensor (w/ Temperature) ZP3102US -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Plug-in Lamp Module PD300Z-2 Linear Yes
power meter dsb28-zwus Aeon Labs
Power Strip DC11101 Aeon Labs Yes
Radio Thermostat CT101 Evolve
Recessed door sensor DSB54 Aeon Labs Yes
Recessed Door Sensor, Gen 5 ZW089-A Aeon Labs Yes
Remote Switch WS15Z-1 Linear Yes
RGBW Bulb RGBWE27ZW Zipato Yes
RGBW controller 2 FGRGBW-442 ZW5 Fibaro
RGBW Controller Model FGRGB-101 FGRGB-101 Fibaro Yes
Scene Controller BW8500 or ZRC-80 Remotec Yes
Scene Controller ? Everspring Yes
Scene Controller ZRC-90US Remotec Yes
Schlage Connect FE469NX Schlage Yes
Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm Schlage Yes
Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm BE469NXVCAM619 Schlage Yes
Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm BE469NXVCAM619 Evolve Yes
Sensative Strips Thin Door/Window Contact Sensor 1101011 Evolve Yes
Shock Sensor ZS 5101 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Siren SSA-02 FortrezZ Yes
Siren SSA-02 FortrezZ Yes
Siren and Strobe Alarm ZM1601US-5 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Siren/Chime DMS01 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Smart Energy Switch DSC06106 Aeon Labs Yes
Smart Implant FGBS-222 v5.1 Fibaro
Smart Meter 3-Way Switch ZW15SM Enerwave Yes
Smart Meter Duplex Wall Receptacle ZW15RM Enerwave Yes
Smart Switch 6 ZW096 Aeon Labs Yes
Smart Switch 6 Gen 5 ZW096-A02 Aeon Labs Yes
Smoke Detector SF813-2 Everspring Yes
Sonos ZPxxx 2Gig
Sonos ZonePlayer ZPxxx Sonos Yes
thermastat CT100 2Gig Yes
Tilt Sensor TILT-ZWAVE2 Ecolink Yes
Touchscreen Deadbolt BE469NXCEN Schlage
Trane Thermostat Trane Trane Yes
trane thermostat model tzemt400bb32maa 5431 model tzemt400bb32maa 5431 Trane Yes
Universal Dimmer 500W FGD211 Fibaro Yes
Vizia RF+ 4-Scene Controller VRCS4-M0Z Leviton
Wall Dimmer Switch WD1000Z-1 Linear Yes
Wall Dimmer Switch WD500Z-1 Linear Yes
Wall Switch WS15Z-1 Linear Yes
wall switch 3032 GE Yes
Wall Switch On/Off Toggle ZEN23 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Water Leak Sensor DSB45-ZWUS Aeon Labs Yes
Wayne Dalton Outdoor Lighting Module HA-04L -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Wayne Dalton Small Appliance Module HA-02L -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Wemo Light Bulb F7C033auE27 Belkin
WeMo Switch F7C030fc Belkin Yes
WeMo Wall Plug F7C027fc Belkin Yes
Wireless Siren with mains power ZM1602 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Yale Deadbolt All Yale Deadbolts (z-wave) Yale Yes
ZEN16 MultiRelay ZEN16 -Other (Specify in Notes) Yes
Z-Stick GEN5 ZW090-A Aeon Labs Yes
Z-uno unsure ZWave.Me
Z-Wave - Wink Compatible Decora Dimmer - white DZMX1 Leviton Yes
Z-Wave - Wink Compatible Plug-in Appliance Module DZPA1 Leviton Yes
Z-Wave Plus Flush Shutter ZMNHCD3 2Gig Yes