Deadbolt Lock

Submitted By Ryan S.

Manufacturer: Schlage
Model #: FE599

Compatible with Axial

Lock works with InControl, but requires a special set of steps to use:

1) Power off your Schlage lock by pulling the battery out. Schlage locks often times get into a "bad state" that won't let them be re-included until you pull the battery out
2) Put your USB stick into exclusion mode (press and hold the button until it starts to blink rapidly), then perform the "exclusion" process on your lock as per the manufacture's manual. This will reset it back to factory defaults. Watch the USB stick to make sure the blink pattern changes to indicate a successful reset and repeat this step if not.
3) Plug your USB stick into your computer; move the lock and your computer/usb stick to within 1-2 inches of each other.
4) Start InControl
5) Click the "Online/Offline" button in the lower right hand corner
6) Go to Tools/Z-Wave Commands/Add Device
7) After InControl establishes a lock on the USB stick, perform the inclusion on your lock as per the manufacture's instructions. Note that you may need to wait up to 30 seconds while this step is performed. During this time, do not move the lock away from the computer/usb stick.


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