Aeon Labs Keyfob

Submitted By Ryan S.

Manufacturer: Aeon Labs
Model #: keyfob

Compatible with Axial

This keyfob can be used to activate InControl scenes. Supports up to 8 scenes.

Configuring Aeon Labs Keyfob

The Aeon Labs Keyfob can be configured to activate InControl scenes. Proper functionality of the Keyfob requires the "Beta Z-Wave Controller" (found in the tools/options menu). This requires InControl version 3.23+

Join the Z-Wave Network

To join your keyfob to the network, choose the Tools/Z-Wave Commands/Add Device menu item from InControl. When prompted to add a device, use the "key pin" to press the "Learn" button once on the back of your Keyfob. If successful, the Keyfob's green light will illuminate.

Configure the Keyfob as a scene controller

Next, you must switch your device to "Group Mode." This is done by using the key pin and inserting it into the keyfob's mode button. The green light will illuminate for a second when this has been completed.

To continue setting up your Keyfob as a scene controller, follow these steps inside of InControl:

Find your Keyfob device in your list of devices and select it
Right click the Keyfob and choose "Auto-Configure"
Wake up your device by inserting the key pin into the Learn hole for 3 seconds.
Quickly press OK on the InControl prompt

If you were able to wake your device and auto-configure successfully you'll see a message saying that "Scene functionality was enabled."


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