7-Button Scene Controller (Enerwave)

Submitted By David M.

Manufacturer: Enerwave
Model #: ZWN-SC7

Compatible with Axial

Works well with InControl. Each of the 7 buttons can be assigned to a scene using the "Assign activation button". Scenes activate immediately and without delay. The blue LEDs, one for each button, are not controlled by InControl rather by button press, blinking to indicate data is being sent, the last button pressed remains lit. Installation requires black (hot), white (neutral) and ground (required to operate device as indicated by label on green wire).

The 7-Button Scene Controller fits (upside down) with large button on top in an Insteon tabletop enclosure (2402WH). The 2-wire has to be changed to 3-wire to maintain the ground.

The only oddity so far is when assigning 1 button (scene) to toggle a device on and off, the scene doesn't always activate. Not sure if the problem lies with InControl because using 1 button (scene) on and 1 button (scene) off works every time.


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