Flood Sensor

Submitted By Ryan S.

Manufacturer: Fibaro
Model #: FGFS-101 ZW5

Compatible with Axial

This device is a little bit tricky because of the wake up functionality. For newer models, you should tap the button once to wake it. For older, tap 3 times. Note that tapping 3 times on the newer model will cause it to flood your network with wake up messages, so be careful.

To use it in Axial, you should set the following:

Param 78 = 0 (this disables security; when enabled, it will attempt to send secure commands to your water shut off valve, which generally won't be able to understand the security)
Associate your water valve to group number 2
Associate your sirens to group number 3

As always, prior to sending commands, tap the button to wake the sensor.

If you find you have trouble with tapping prior to sending the command, try to set the "Queue Commands Until Wake" option for the sensor, then tap the wake button immediately AFTER you send the command in Axial. For example, if you were to set an association, click the "Associations" button in Axial, then tap the wake up button with 2-3 seconds on the sensor.


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