PIR Motion Sensor (w/ Temperature)

Submitted By Brett E.

Manufacturer: -Other (Specify in Notes)
Model #: ZP3102US

Compatible with Axial

Vision (sold by Monoprice) Passive Infrared Motion Sensor w/ Temperature Sensor. This is the non Gen5 version of the device with jumpers and no OTA support .Unit MUST be associated with primary controller to recognize correctly. Unit seems to include more easily by using NWI (network wide inclusion.

Unit is capable of reporting tamper (Burglar), battery status (%), and temperature (degrees F) and these functions can be added as a virtual sensor. Note that device properties shows this unit as a sleeping device: False which is incorrect and may need to be corrected. Default wake-up is 3600 seconds. This can be modified only by changing command parameter 0x84 within ZenTools. Wake-up interval is NOT a standard parameter that can be altered in ICHA. Unit will deep sleep after 3 minutes and only wakes up at the set interval or when motion detected. It should also be noted that the report settings for tamper and temperature will disappear from the Properties when the unit sleeps. Modify the 0x84 Command Class Wake Up v2 at your own risk as results can be unpredictable. The minimum wake up interval appears to be 10 minutes and will cause the batteries to drain much faster. Decreasing wake-up interval will also result in far greater report traffic being generated - this may result in more sluggish performance if you have lots of sensors.

Tamper codes: 2=case closed, 3=case opened)

Temperature may also report with 12+ decimals instead of by tenths. This may also need to be addressed in the ICHA software.


There is only one available parameter in this device that can be modified:

1 - Motion Tripped Interval. This value controls the reset time of the sensor. Default is 3 (minutes). Range can be between 1 and 127 minutes.


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