The InControl HA app on the Google Play Store has built-in support for Tasker. This means you can setup some really cool automation tasks using voice commands. This tutorial will show you how.

Required Software

To get started, you'll need to download and install 3 apps on your Android phone:

  • InControl HA - This version provides a Tasker action plugin that you can use to turn on scenes and devices and provides the link to your z-wave and other home automation devices.
  • Tasker. - Tasker is a powerful app for automating various aspects of your phone. Well worth the purchase.
  • AutoVoice - This is a Tasker plugin that provides voice control

Tasker Setup

This assumes you've already got InControl setup and running. If not, please see our other tutorials. If so, continue on and we'll show you how to use a voice command to activate a scene.

First, fire up Tasker and tap on the Tasks tab, then tap on the "Plus" icon to add a new task. Give it a name such as "Arm System."

Next, click the "Plus" icon again to add a new action to this task. This action is what's going to use InControl to activate a scene. Tap "Plugins" then tap "InControl Action".

You should now see a "Pencil" icon next to a title named "Configuration" - tap that to launch the InControl setup screen. Choose "scene" activation mode and then choose the appropriate scene to active. We'll choose "Alarm System ARMED" for this example. Click the check mark icon to save your selection.

Go back to your Tasker start screen and tap the "Profiles" tab. Add a new profile by tapping the plus sign, then choose "State", "Plugins" and "AutoVoice Recognized."

Tap the "pencil" icon again to configure and scroll down to the section title "Command Filter." This is where you'll enter the word or phrase you'll say to activate the scene. Keep it simple for best results - I'm going to use "ARM" as my word, so I'll enter that into the command filter box. Save by tapping the checkbox.

Return to the previous screen and you should be prompted to choose a task. Select the one we created named "Arm System."

Take over Google Now searches

This step is semi-optional. It'll let you take over the Google Now voice search and replace it with AutoVoice command activations. If you don't do this step, you'll need to come up with a different way to activate your AutoVoice commands. This requires you to be using Android version 4.1 or higher on your Android phone.

Figure out how to access the Google Now prompt. On the Galaxy S4, you press and hold the "home" button then choose the "Search" option. You should be prompted to complete the action using either AutoVoice or the built-in search. Choose AutoVoice.

For other phones, you can press and hold the Home button then swipe up/over to the Google icon. You may need to play around a little to find the correct place.

Once activated, you can simply say the command "ARM" (or whatever you entered into the Command Filter) to activate the appropriate InControl scene.

If you aren't able to find the correct place to do this on your phone, check out this LifeHacker article which provides an alternative solution.