Ever wake up in the morning and realize that you left your garage door open all night long? It happens to the best of us. Here's how to setup InControl to send you an email reminder when you've left it open past 9 PM.

Hardware Setup

In my setup, I use a standard door/window sensor for one garage door and a tilt sensor for the other. The setup for the tilt sensor is much easier than the door/window sensor because it can simply be mounted directly to the door -- on the other hand, I had to build a fancy mount for the door/window sensor.

My garage door is also far enough away from my other z-wave devices that I would occasionally miss an update from the sensor. To remedy this, I purchased a few z-wave repeaters to plugin to a few outlets to beef up the range in that area.

InControl Setup

  1. First, create a new scene inside of InControl. I'm naming mine 'Garage Status'.
  2. Next, add your garage door sensors to it. I've got 3 sensors in total, all of which I'll add to my scene. As you add these, be sure to click the "Gear" icon and set the device to "no change" so that when the scene runs, it leaves the status of the device alone.

  3. Browse to a Pre-Script scene and choose "EmailSceneStatusReport.cs." This will tell the scene to email/text you the status of all the devices in your scene when the scene is triggered.
  4. On the Triggers tab, add a new "Time Trigger" - have it repeat daily at 9 PM.

  5. Since we only want an email when any of the sensors is open, we'll add a "Device at State" condition for each sensor stating that the level is greater than 0. Note that 0 means closed and anything else is open.


That's it! You will now get a message if your garage door is open past 9 PM.