If you want to activate Axial Server scenes using your a scene controller, this tutorial will show you how. We'll explore how to setup a scene that will toggle lights on and off. By the way, this tutorial can even be used to activate non-zwave devices with a z-wave scene controller!

Hardware Setup

This tutorial is designed to use the ENERWAVE 7 button scene controller (ZWN-SC7), the Aeon Labs keyfob or the Aeon Labs Minimote. The steps will be the same regardless of which piece of hardware you use. When we say "remote" we are referring to this piece of hardware.

Configure the Hardware

After you have included your remote into your z-wave network, you'll want to right click it and choose the Auto Configure option. If you have a battery powered device, you should wake it up before clicking the "OK" button that you are shown after clicking Auto Configure.

After a few moments, you'll see a message about the result of the auto configuration. Please read the message as there are occasions that Axial Server will ask you to perform a second auto configure. This step is vital -- without it, your remote will not function properly such that Axial Server will be able to detect button presses.

Axial Server Scene Setup

In this section we'll be setting up the scene that you want your button to activate. This could be any scene and could have any type of device, including non-zwave devices. You should define your scene according to your needs. For the sake of this tutorial, we'll be defining the scene to act as a toggle --- that is, if the light is on, it'll be turned off and if the light is off, it'll be turned on. This will let us use a single button on the remote to turn the light on or off.

Create a new scene and give it an appropriate name. Click the down arrow next to the Add Device button and choose to Add Device Power Toggle. Choose your device and add it to the scene.

Assign Remote Button

The final step of the tutorial is to assign the button on your remote to the scene. Do this by clicking the green Assign activation button inside your scene. Now press a button on your remote that you want to activate the scene. If all went well, Axial Server should detect the button push and you should be ready to go.