This guide covers how to trigger a scene when motion is detected.

Scene Creation

First create the scene that you'd like to activate. This scene might include a light, IP camera (for email snapshots), or for setting off a siren. This tutorial won't cover the details of scene creation as that has been covered in other tutorials.

Trigger from Motion Sensing

The magic of this scene happens here. In this step, you'll create a device trigger that will activate your scene.

  1. Go to the Triggers tab of your scene
  2. Click the "down arrow" next to the Add Time Trigger... button and choose Add Device Trigger".
  3. Choose your motion sensor from the list
  4. Check the box that say Trigger On Motion Detected
  5. Click OK to create the trigger

In Summary

This simple trigger will cause your scene to be triggered anytime motion is detected. A similar scene could be created that could trigger when motion is cleared. Note that many motion sensors on the market have a "reset" time before they'll detect motion again; for example, if the reset time is 4 minutes, you won't get another motion event from your sensor until the motion sensor hasn't detected any new motion for at least 4 minutes. Because of this reset time, don't expect to get constant triggers on your scene anytime you make a move in front of your motion sensor.