Axial Server Control & Automation

Axial Server is smart home software used to automate and control your smart home devices. Axial integrates with many popular brands, including z-wave, Nest, Clipsal, Philips Hue, Wemo and many more.

We also include an API that allows you to create developers to create their own controllers.

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No internet? No problem!

Axial Control does not require an internet connection to take care of your smart home automation tasks. You can even control your smart home devices using your phone without an active internet connection.

No subscription required

A subscription is never required to use our software with your devices.

Send Notifications to your phone

Send custom notifications to your phone as part of your smart home automation. Send a notification when your children arrive home, or when unexpected motion is detected while you are away.

Scripts. Customize your automation.

Execute complex scripts as part of your scenes and triggers.

Scenes & Triggers. For advanced home intelligence.

Scenes and triggers give you the ability to make your home truly intelligent.

Automatically turn down the heat when the house is empty and turn it back on again when you arrive home.

Create security scenes that will notify you when unexpected motion happens while you are away from home.