Free Edition

The Free edition of Axial Server is limited to 10 devices and 5 scenes. Advanced devices like sensors, thermostats and locks require the Standard or Pro edition of Axial Server. The Free edition cannot use plugins such as the WeMo plugin or Multi-user security.

Standard Edition

The Standard edition of Axial Server is limited to 20 devices and 20 scenes. Thermosts, motion sensors, door sensors work fine with this edition; but Locks require the Pro edition of Axial Server. Plugins are supported with this version.

Pro Edition

The Pro edition can has no limits on devices or scene creation. Locks work too, as well as any plugin.

Feature Matrix

Feature Free Standard Pro
Max Devices 10 20 Unlimited
Max Scenes 5 20 Unlimited
Max Rules 5 20 Unlimited
Switch Support Yes Yes Yes
Dimmer Support Yes Yes Yes
Outlet Support Yes Yes Yes
Sensor Support (door/window, motion, thermometers, etc.) No Yes Yes
RGB Controllers (color changing LEDs) No Yes Yes
Thermostat Support No Yes Yes
Ip Camera No Yes Yes
Device Mirroring No Yes Yes
Device Associations No Yes Yes
Plugin Support No Yes Yes
API Support limited Yes Yes
Secured Device Support (locks, garage door openers, etc.) No No Yes
Multi-Channel Device Support No No Yes