GoControl WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller

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GoControl WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller

This is a special beta unit, available for a short time only

This beta unit contains the same internal hardware and software as the regular units, but the retail packages differs.

Product Features

  • Supports 15 residential irrigation valves
  • Simple push-down terminals for valve connections (no tools required)
  • Includes valve-fault detection (shuts off valve if broken sprinkler head is sensed)
  • Supports traditional optional 3rd party devices
  • Designed to fit into most existing or new exterior-grade sprinkler timer cabinets, or directly on an interior wall

Compatible With Axial Control

  • With Axial Server, you can:
  • Setup multiple schedules
  • Receive notifications on start or completion of your watering schedule
  • Start a schedule from your Android device