Linear Dimmer (Demo Unit)

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Linear Dimmer (Demo Unit)

Demo Unit! This is a package of 3 demo units

These units were previously installed in our demo home. This is a great deal for some lightly used z-wave dimmers. Each quantity purchased will result in 3 dimmer switches being sent to you.

The Wall Mounted Dimmer allows remote ON/OFF and dimming control of connected lights. The Z-Wave Wall Mount Dimmer is easily wired in place of a standard wall switch. This device requires a Neutral connection.

The Wall Mounted Dimmer integrates with other Axial Control enabled products, and can also act as a wireless repeater to ensure that commands intended for another device in the network are received (useful when a device would otherwise be out of radio range).

Demo units are checked before we ship them, but they are sold as-is, with no refunds. Demo units may not be in original packaging and may not come with original instruction manual.