The Iris garage door opener purchased from Lowes can be setup to work with Axial Server. This guide will step you through the setup process.


This requires Axial Server version 3.151 or higher to function properly and of course, an Iris (or Linear) branded garage door opener.


This device is a 'secured' device, which means it must be added to Axial Server in a very specific manner or it will not function. As such, DO NOT use a hardware remote (such as a z-stick) to perform the inclusion since it will fail. You've been warned. :)

The important thing to note is that including this device must be performed using the Axial Server's "Add Device" function found in the tools menu of the Windows UI. For details, see this tutorial about lock setup, as the instructions are nearly identical.

After Axial Server reports that you've added a new device, right click it and perform an auto-configure. You should now be ready to use your garage door opener.